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for Redmond City Council Position 4

Our city has grown from approximately 36,000 in 1990 to nearly 72,000 in 2019. For the most part, the majority of growth in housing has been downtown apartments as opposed to starter homes for families or the younger generations. As such, the American dream of home ownership in Redmond is out of reach for many. I believe that with creative planning solutions allowing more common wall structures, townhomes, or smaller lot developments, Redmond could open the city to more affordable home ownership opportunities. 

Affordable Homes:

Prior to joining The Boeing Company, for nearly 25 years, I was either an owner or manager of small businesses. Creating a sustainable small business as difficult as it is rewarding. While the large businesses located in Redmond cannot, and should not be ignored, small businesses remain the backbone of the American economy. It should be that way in Redmond as well. Our city should create as welcoming environment to attract small businesses including startups and established businesses looking to leave the less-friendly business environments in neighboring cities. Providing an atmosphere for small businesses to thrive and/or grow into leaders of industry with high-paying family wage jobs should be an imperative. Genie Industries is an example of a lost opportunity. While their headquarters remain, the manufacturing jobs have been lost to North Bend, Moses Lake, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.  As a proponent of small business, I will fight to make Redmond a place where entrepreneurs want to be.

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Keeping Redmond Livable

As one of the primary purposes of government, public safety is paramount.  Law Enforcement is our first line of defense against crime. Police are here to keep communities safe, and we should take comfort in that. Other cities in our region have chosen to defund their police agencies and/or to selectively fail to enforce the laws put in place for public safety. Neither the reduction of our police force staffing or its mission, nor allowing the failure of the justice system to prosecute crime should be acceptable to our community. I support the men and women in law enforcement and will stand against efforts to defund programs that promote community safety.